SCORPION partner EURECAT has been interviewed by the Spanish TV show Planeta R

SCORPION partner EURECAT was invited to participate in an interview for the Spanish TV show Planeta R in a special edition about agricultural sustainability and gave an enlightening interview about the technology that has been developed within SCORPION project. The interview was carried out in a vineyard in Alt Penedès, Spain where one of the robots was demonstrate.

Click here to watch the full interview and find the highlight on the project starting at minute 10.

Upcoming: Integration III – Precision spraying validation and evaluation

During the third integration, due to take place in November 2022, the spraying quality of SCORPION with the two sprayers is going to be checked on a real slope Spanish vineyard. The treatments will be applied in autonomous mode with the two sprayers.

TEYME is the coordinator and task leader for the third integration, in Spain. This will be mostly a closed-door event for partners and some end users, however, the consortium is organising one open day for the community.

For more information on future integrations, click here.

SCORPION partners participated in the agROBOfood’s DEMODAYS

SCORPION partners participated in the agROBOfood’s DEMODAYS – “Robotics solution for the grapevine” sector hold in May 25th at Jean Leon Winery, Vilafranca del Penedès, Barcelona, Spain.

The aim of the Day was to bring together growers seeking for robotic solutions, and solution providers wishing to showcase their robot.

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