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EURECAT Presented SCORPION Technologies at Iberian Robotics Conference – ROBOT 2022

EURECAT, a partner of the SCORPION project, participated in the Iberian  Robotics Conference – ROBOT 2022, which took place from 23-25  November 2022 in Zaragoza, Spain. The event was focused on  showcasing the robotic research and development of new applications in  the Iberian Peninsula.

At the Conference, EURECAT presented the work entitled “SCORPION: Robust localization and mapping for smart precision spraying in steep slope vineyards”.

This presentation provided an overview of the project and highlighted the initial results of the localisation and mapping system developed by EURECAT for the SCORPION robotic platform, as part of the Work Package 3 – “Perception, Localisation, and Autonomous Navigation”.

The next edition of the Iberian Robotics Conference – Iberian  Robotics Conference – ROBOT 2023 will take place in Coimbra, Portugal, on November 2023.

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