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Integration I: Robotic sensors and low-level controllers

During the 1st Scorpion Integration we have tested a GNSS receiver from DEIMOS, that is fully compatible with Galileo Signals (#EU #Space #EUSPA #Galileo). This receiver will enable to develop reliable and more safety agricultural robots. Like those being developed at SCORPION project.


In a continuous integration process throughout the project duration, AGROB platform is expected to be upgraded with the integration of a diesel power motor generator and mechanical interfaces (integrations I, II and III), followed by the integration of sprayers and a navigation and safety systems into AGROB V20.

INESC TEC is the coordinator and task leader for the first integration, which took place during M11 (November, 2021) in Quinta do Seixo, Portugal.

For more information on future integrations, visit the ‘Integration Days’ tab on our website.