Check out the most recent SCORPION publication “Collision Avoidance Considering Iterative Bézier Based Approach for Steep Slope Terrains”

The Agri-Food production requirements needs a more efficient and autonomous processes, and robotics will play a significant role in this process. Deploying agricultural robots on the farm is still a challenging task. Particularly in slope terrains, where it is crucial to avoid obstacles and dangerous steep slope zones. Path planning solutions may fail under several circumstances, as the appearance of a new obstacle. This work proposes a novel open-source solution called AgRobPP-CA to autonomously perform obstacle avoidance during robot navigation. AgRobPP-CA works in real-time for local obstacle avoidance, allowing small deviations, avoiding unexpected obstacles or dangerous steep slope zones, which could impose a fall of the robot. Our results demonstrated that AgRobPP-CA is capable of avoiding obstacles and high slopes in different vineyard scenarios, with low computation requirements. For example, in the last trial, AgRobPP-CA avoided a steep ramp that could impose a fall to the robot.

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