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Check out the most recent SCORPION articles published in the IEEE International Conference on Autonomous Robot Systems and Competitions

“FollowMe – A Pedestrian Following Algorithm for Agricultural Logistic Robots ”

Human-robot interaction is an essential research topic due to the increasing presence of robots in workspace environments. One of the main capabilities that robots should have is to follow a person’s path. This allows robots to autonomously carry out certain operations alongside humans without the need to manually call robots to change their position in the workspace.

In this work, was proposed the use of two algorithms for relative localization between a person and a robot and both solutions are promising solutions to complement other solutions based on cameras and LiDAR.

“End-Effectors for Harvesting Manipulators – State Of The Art Review”

This paper studies different types of end-effectors used by some harvesting manipulators and compares them. The objective is to analyse their advantages and limitations to better understand the requirements to design an end-effector to improve the performance of a custom Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm (SCARA) on the harvest of different types of fruits.

“Path Planning with Hybrid Maps for processing and memory usage optimisation”

Robotics will play an essential role in agriculture. Deploying agricultural robots on the farm is still a challenging task due to the terrain’s irregularity and size. Optimal path planning solutions may fail in larger terrains due to memory requirements as the search space increases. This work presents a novel open-source solution called AgRob Topologic Path Planner, which is capable of performing path planning operations using a hybrid map with topological and metric representations.

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